CharlestonThanks to New life Agricultural we had Jalapenos for over 10 months (even surviving hurricane conditions). Past years we would get a good round of Jalapenos, but it was to our surprise the Jalapenos kept growing and growing producing over 400 in just 3 plants. The only difference was the application of the Microbes. We look forward to applying New Life Agricultural to our entire garden.

Thank you,

J. Koll Charleston, SC.

“The tomato plant on the right was planted with New Life Agricultural added at the time of planting. The plant on the left did not have New Life Agricultural applied. The plant on the right with the microbial soil amendment, eventually produced 4-5 times the fruit of the one on the left.” D.B.

Started garden on July 1. Sprayed New Life Agricultural on the root-ball of the starter vegetables. The vegetables took off, and sprouted cucumbers through November. Watered good for the first few weeks. After that, watered maybe once a week and no watering from September to November – just natural. Here are pictures after just 4 weeks.

AJ Defiance, MO

newlife“This is my second year of using New Life Agricultural on my houseplants and outside garden. I am very impressed with the results I have seen using this product. I experimented with many of my plants using New Life Agricultural on one plant and having another identical plant without using the product. In all cases the plants that were treated with New Life Agricultural were overall healthier; flowering plants had more flowers, and also seemed to need less watering than the plants that were not treated. I am especially impressed with my rose bushes; they have had more roses on them the last 2 years than I can ever remember. In addition, the bushes themselves have also doubled in size. I would highly recommend trying this product, you will definitely see results and I would like to add it is also all-natural!”
Cindy N.


“When we moved into our home in 2007 we didn’t realize we actually had a grapefruit tree because it had not produced fruit. We were able to coax it to fruit every other year here in Charleston, SC since we are in an ag zone that is not ideal for citrus. After 2 applications of New Life Agricultural’s Microbial Soil Amendment and their humic acid the tree is much more cold hardy, disease and pest resistant. It now makes fruit every year and an abundant amount!  We also applied it to our Crepe Myrtle tree that was not flowering due to a disease for over 10 years. The tree has improved each year and is now producing flowers! Can’t say enough about this product!”
– Tripp K, Charleston, SC

“After having a local lawn company treat my yard for a couple years, I then added a New Life Agricultural and New Life Humic application behind their fertilizer program twice a year.  In the second year, I had more grass along with being deeper in color.  This was easy to tell since my neighbor next door uses the same lawn company.”
-Jason D.,  Mexico, MO