Microbial amendment increases yields

Microbial amendment increases yields


Microbial amendment

This is a photo of an organic corn plot. The right side of this corn plot had the extra benefit of being planted with New Life Agricultural soil amendment. This particular farmer had the right idea using the grass as a cover crop which can be seen on the left half of the picture. However, the necessary bacteria to promote the corn growth was missing. The problematic grass on the left side of the plot is also on the right side, but balancing out the microbial deficiency issues within the soil on the right side of the plot using New Life Agricultural  made the nutrients more available to the corn. The result was that the grass was not allowed to thrive and out compete the corn for available sunlight. The grass on the right is just a few inches tall and out of sight, as all cover crop soil retention barriers should.

Making a few minor adjustments, this farmer will now have a significant yield increase. The average yield for this field has historically been 25 bushels per acre. The cost to apply New Life Agricultural was $15.00 per acre. The year-end yield is expected to be in the neighborhood of 120 bushels per acre!

Obviously the New Life Agricultural was a very profitable investment.

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