Soil based Probiotics

The beneficial bacteria and fungi that reside within productive soils are often referred to as a soil based probiotics. Consisting of thousands of species of bacteria working in synergistic harmony to support surface plant growth. As these soil based probiotics are removed from the equation, it becomes all but impossible for most soils to support plant life. Acting as live carrying agents between the plants root systems and the available nutrients within the soil, these organisms serve up all that is requested by the plants above. Triggered by photosynthesis, signals containing specific request are sent from the upper parts of a plant to the roots below the surface. Whether the request is for moisture, nitrogen, phosphates or potassium, various bacteria and fungi receive the signals and fulfill the specific need. Such is the function of a soil probiotics. Recent concerns regarding overall soil health have seen a significant surge in the reintroduction of bacterial diversity via the use of engineered bacterial design. With dozens of species of fungi and well over a thousand species of bacteria, New Life Agricultural can quickly bring to life, soils that have had little to no probiotic values for decades.

The absence of bacterial diversity brings vulnerabilities to agricultural efforts in crop production. Similar to the booster shot we received as children that protected us from a dozen diseases, soil based probiotics innoculate both soil and plant from pathogenic organisms that would otherwise see their demise. Contemporary framing practices lay culprit to the disappearance of these necessary and beneficial bacteria. Fungicide, algaecide and herbicide used in record amounts has laid waste to most of the microscopic life in our available soils. The good news is that the agricultural industry is becoming aware of this crisis. The concept and use of soil based probiotics is gaining traction. With sound and proven techniques of reintroduction similar to those used to bring back the deer and turkey populations in America. So too can the much smaller forms of life be brought back to a thriving state. With first year applications rates of New Life Agricultural microbial soil amendment at one quarter of a gallon per acre. And as little as 8 fluid ounces to the acre in subsequent years, productive soil probiotic populations can be maintained. Sustainable harvest being the ultimate goal. The replacing of that which is taken from the soil will be the determining factor in a sucessful outcome for all things related to soil based probiotics.